Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter VI-Set fire to the Rain

Hayli groaned as she grabbed the phone off of the nightstand in her and Tyler's hotel room. Jamie and Hayli were in New York City on a small vacation and stayed a day later to see the Bruins play the Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

Hayli carefully got out of bed, so she didn't wake up Tyler and went into the bathroom to check her phone.

One voicemail, one text message, and one missed call. They were all from Patrice, sighing, Hayli pressed play to listen to the voicemail.

"Hayli, it's me. The guys went out, can you come see me? I haven't seen you and I know you're here. I'm in room 1950. I have the door unlocked in case you do decide to come down. Bye!"

Hayli sighed as she replied to the text message asking her if she was awake.

Brushing her hair and teeth quickly, Hayli brushed lip gloss on her lips and slid Tyler’s hoodie over her head before replacing it with one from Victoria’s Secret. Spraying a quick mist of body spray on herself, Hayli grabbed her wristlet and walked out of the room. Tyler had snuggled against the pillow thinking it was Hayli and was still sound asleep. Hayli went to the elevator and pressed the button to go down. Her and Jamie’s room was on the 15th floor and Tyler agreed to stay with Hayli while Jamie had the room downstairs for her and Brad.

Hayli sighed as she got on and saw Jamie pressed against the wall with Brad sucking her neck. Hayli tried to go unnoticed but Jamie pushed Brad away from her and fixed her skirt, “Hey Hayli, where are you going so late?”

Hayli smiled slightly at her best friend, “I’m heading to the gift shop to see if they have any condoms. I forgot to pack them for me and Tyler.”

“I have some,” Brad said, “But I’m not giving them to you because I plan on using the whole box tonight.”

Hayli pretended to gag as Brad pressed Jamie against the wall and resumed his attack on her neck, "Tyler needs magnums, not centimeter peter brand. I bet you use those finger rubbers on yours."

Jamie laughed as Brad replied, "Fuck you," to Hayli before the elevator doors opened to the lobby, "We're going to walk around Times Square for a little while, see you later."

Hayli walked in the direction of the gift shop before getting on a different elevator to go back up. Hayli opened the door and saw Patrice sprawled out on the bed watching Rocky.

"Bonjour, belle," he greeted turning off the TV before walking over to where she was standing.

"I was sleeping when you called or I would have been here sooner."

Patrice smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, "You're here now, right?"

Hayli stood on her tip toes to kiss him, "Mhm," she mumbled as Patrice's calloused fingers unzipped the hoodie she was wearing.

Patrice groaned seeing no bra underneath and he slowly slid it from her shoulders, "Vous ĂȘtes sexy," he whispered as he kissed his way down Hayli's neck to her breasts.

Hayli reached for his sweatpants and had them halfway down his ankles, when there was a knock at the door.

"BERGIE, OPEN UP," Milan Lucic's voice said on the other side.

"What he said," Nathan Horton repeated causing Hayli to panic.

"Shit," Hayli said grabbing the hoodie off the floor. She quickly zipped it before looking at Patrice who was pulling his pants back up.

"There's a door connecting their room to mine, go in there and I'll distract them.

Hayli quickly went into the conjoining room and hit under the bed. Turning her phone on vibrate, she tried to be as quiet as she could.

Milan Lucic's loud voice was suddenly closer and he sat down on the bed she was under. Nathan Horton was ranting about Tammy to Patrice when Milan decided to break his silence.

"I wish more women were like Segs' chick," Milan began, "She isn't clingy, she has a great set of tits, and from what I saw on his phone and from what Segs tells me, she gives good head."

"If I could fuck anyone else's woman on the team, it'd be her."

"I'd motorboat the shit out of her tits," Milan said, "She's a fucking fox."

Hayli saw Patrice's feet shift uncomfortably before he finally broke his silence, "Segs would kill you if he heard you talking about her like that. Besides, if Brittany and Tammy heard you talking about someone else's girlfriend like that, they'd kill you. I'm also sure you'd kill the guys if we talked about them like that."

Hayli smiled at Patrice defending her, "Damn Bergie, we were just saying but you cannot tell me you wouldn't screw her," Looch said again.

"I need a drink," Patrice said, "Meet me at the hotel bar in 15 minutes."

"Sounds good, I need a drink," Milan said standing up letting Hayli breathe again. Hayli's alarm on her phone went off and she quickly silenced it.

"What was that," Nathan Horton asked.

"Sounded like it came from under the bed."

Patrice quickly bent down and Hayli smiled at him before handing him her phone, "That's where it flew," Patrice said holding the black iPhone in his hand, "I knew it went somewhere, I was just too lazy to look for it. Thank God the alarm went off."

Milan and Nathan laughed before shuffling out of the room telling Patrice they'd see him later.

Patrice reached down and grabbed Hayli's hands pulling her out from under the bed, "Are you okay," he asked as she gasped for air and he handed her a bottle of water from the desk behind him.

"I'm fine," she said being careful not to let her voice fail her. She wanted to kill Tyler for showing Milan that video, "Nice cover up with the phone."

Patrice smiled before kissing her lightly, "I'll call you," he said, "Get some sleep."

Hayli smiled hugging him, "Goodnight."

"Bonsoir mon ange, sweet dreams," Patrice said as Hayli left the room.

Hayli went back to her and Tyler's room ready to kill him in his sleep. He made her locker room talk and she felt like a whore knowing Lucic had seen the video her dad had found a couple of months prior.

Hayli changed back into what she was wearing and slept in the other bed leaving Tyler by himself. The next morning, Hayli woke up to find Tyler sitting at the table eating breakfast.

"Good morning," he smiled brightly taking a drink of his orange juice.

"Fuck you," Hayli snapped walking into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Tyler laughed figuring it was because she was not a morning person; but when he got in the shower with her and she shoved him away from her, he knew something was wrong.

Tyler finished showering wondering what he could have done to make her mad at him. He didn't go out with the guys last night, he stayed in and spent time with her so it couldn't be that. They had spent the night talking about the vacation they went on with Tyler's family when they started dating. They shared a hotel room and fooled around for the first time.

Tyler smiled at the memory, he realized he loved her that night. He still loved her, she kept him from letting the fame get to his head and she stood by him all of these years. Tyler sighed as he wrapped the towel around his waist and went back into the bedroom.

"Hayli, what's wrong," he asked sitting down on the bed next to her, "Please tell me."

How did Hayli even lay her way out of this one? Hayli sighed before looking at Tyler whose eyes were pleading with her. He looked broken and Hayli was screaming at herself for making him like this.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and I was thirsty, so I went downstairs to get something to drink. I was walking by Looch and Horty's room and I heard them talking about whose girlfriend they would screw. Apparently I'm the girlfriend they'd fuck because I give good head from what you showed and told them. Oh! ...and I have a nice set of tits that Milan wants to motorboat the shit out of."

Tyler's jaw clenched and he felt his fist bawl up, "I trusted you with that video, Ty. Once again, you let me down. You turned me into cheap locker room gossip."

"I was a rookie and I wanted to fit in," Tyler began, "I'm sorry that I let you down. I never should have showed Looch that video. I love you so much, Hayli."

"Sometimes, you have a funny way of showing it," she said standing up from the bed, "I'll meet you downstairs."

Tyler ran his hands through his hair as the door slammed behind her. It was going to be a long drive back to Boston. Tyler had lied and said he was staying an extra day in New York so he could drive home with Hayli.

Tyler dressed slowly, not wanting to face the reality that his relationship with Hayli was at risk after what she had heard Milan and Nathan talking about. Grabbing his bag and his keys, Tyler headed downstairs to the lobby.

"Where's the car," Tyler asked Hayli as she talked to Jamie.

"Down in the garage, it'll be the only Range Rover down there."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," he snapped back causing Jamie to raise her eyebrow questioningly.

"What happened," Jamie asked, "You two were fine last night."

"I don't want to talk about it."

Tyler pulled up in front of the hotel and Brad was the first one to see him.

"Yo Segs," he shouted and Tyler walked over to him, "Did you use those condoms last night?"

"I didn't use shit last night," Tyler replied completely oblivious to the two versions of Hayli's story, "We fought."

"You kinky son of a bitch," Brad said, "I knew you two were freaky but I didn't realize you two were that freaky."

"You should mind your own business," Hayli said getting in the car.

"You're a kinky whore," Brad said, "You should mind your vagina."

"Patrice and Looch are driving back with us," Tyler said as the two of them got in the back seat.

"Hello Suzy Sunshine," Milan said leaning over the seat, "How are you this morning?"

"Fuck off," Hayli spat pushing him away from her.

"Don't touch her," Tyler said.

Lucic threw his hands up in surrender, "I was only kidding."

"Were you kidding last night when you said you'd motorboat the shit out of my boobs," Hayli snapped causing Patrice's eyes to go wide and Milan to blush.

"How the fuck did you know about that?"

"She went to the vending machine on your floor and heard it walking by your room. You have a mouth bigger than Brad's," Tyler replied, "I don't talk about Brittany that way, don't talk about Hayli like that."

Hayli was shocked at Tyler defending her and pulled the sunglasses down onto her eyes. They had been driving for almost two hours when Hayli's phone rang.

"Hello," she said turning down the radio, “Hi daddy.”

Tyler looked at her questioningly before turning his eyes back to the road.

“What is this charge for an Agent Provocateur boutique,” Tom Samuels asked his daughter, “It’s $510.”

“Dad, I was going to pay that off when I got home from New York with Jamie.”

“I Googled that store, please tell me why you were buying lingerie.”

“I can’t talk about this right now.”

“Let me guess, he doesn’t know and it’s a surprise. He’s turned you into a whore.”

“Dad, just fuck off okay,” Hayli snapped, “You’ll have your fucking money on Monday.”

Hayli threw her phone in the cup holder and sighed before turning her face to look out of the window. Tyler took his hand off of the steering wheel and went to grab her hand. Hayli pulled out of his grasp, “Leave me alone, Ty. Not now!”

Patrice pulled his phone out of his pocket to text Hayli.

Are you okay?

I’m fine, okay. Mind your own business

Patrice wanted to scream at her but he couldn’t. They were 30 miles from a rest stop and Hayli needed to get out of the car fast. Hayli picked up her phone and texted one of her friends in Brampton that always had the right advice. Patrice had drifted off to sleep, leaving Hayli and Tyler by themselves.

“So, you’ll text your nerdy friends back in Brampton but you won’t talk to me,” Tyler said, “Is that really how this is going to work.”

“You’re an asshole,” Hayli replied, “Just get us home so I don’t have to deal with you. They have nothing to do with this, leave them out of it.”

“They hate me because you lucked out and got me.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean,” Hayli asked, “Are you saying I’m not good enough for you?”

Tyler didn’t say anything and Hayli fought back the urge to make him drive the car off a cliff. Patrice was awakened by them arguing and he heard the last thing that Tyler said. Patrice wanted to reach over the seat and strangle him for making Hayli feel like a piece of shit. They pulled into a rest stop and Patrice shook Milan awake before they got out of the car. Tyler was the first to climb out of the driver’s seat and Hayli packed her purse.

Patrice watched as Hayli got out of the car and began walking towards the direction of the rest stop when Tyler grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his chest.

“Asshole,” Patrice muttered.

“Let me out, I gotta piss,” Milan said nudging Patrice’s seat. Milan was sitting in the back in the extra seat and he had to go to the bathroom. Patrice got out of the car and let Milan out.

“Are we okay,” Tyler asked as Hayli stood with her back against the car.

“No,” Hayli replied, “We’re not.”

“I didn’t mean what I said about you not being good enough. You’re perfect for me, I’m sorry that I said something like that. I’m sorry that I told Looch too about everything that we do. You mean everything to me, Hayli. I don’t know what it is going to take for us to stop fighting but I want this to end. This isn’t us, we hardly ever fought. I know I haven’t exactly been the perfect boyfriend but I love you more than anything.”

Milan had returned and sat in the seat next to Patrice. They would back in Boston in two hours. Patrice and Milan fell into conversation about their upcoming games against Washington and Buffalo.

“I got you a slice of pizza and a frappucino from Starbucks,” Tyler said walking next to Hayli.

“Thanks,” she said coldly before grabbing the door handle. Tyler placed the box and the cup on the roof of the car before turning Hayli around in his arms. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs instinctively around his waist. Tyler rested his hand down the back of her jeans and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you,” he said, “I didn’t mean anything that I said. You’re perfect, Hayli.”

“I’m just tired of you always putting me down lately and I’m tired of us fighting,” Hayli admitted, “I have nothing without you, Tyler.”

“Don’t give up on us,” he whispered kissing her, “Please?”

“I won’t,” she whispered, “I promise.”

Tyler gripped her butt in his hands and pressed her against the car kissing her. Milan was listening to Patrice talk about the 1-3-1 the Lightning play when he saw Hayli’s jeans fall slightly from Tyler having her pressed against the car.

“Lower, lower, lower,” he chanted pushing his sunglasses down to catch a better view, causing Patrice to turn around and want to kill Tyler.

“Wow,” Patrice whispered.

“She’s fucking hot, not only does she have great tits, look at that ass.”

“Shut the fuck up, Milan,” Patrice snapped putting down the window, “Are you two done dryhumping each other yet? I do need to get home to my wife sometime today.”

Tyler laughed as Hayli pulled her jeans up and grabbed the food off the roof of the car. Hayli turned the radio on and they were back on the road to Boston. Hayli almost choked on her slice of pizza when the all too familiar piano intro to “Unfaithful” by Rihanna began playing. Hayli went to turn the station and Tyler stopped her, “I like this song,” he said and Patrice almost laughed sarcastically.

Hayli’s cell phone rang again, “Jesus Christ,” she screamed digging through her purse, “WHAT,” she snapped but quickly felt guilty, “Hi grandma.”

Tyler laughed as Hayli talked to Dottie Samuels, the woman that they were both close to, “Yeah I know, dad called me earlier and yelled at me.”

“Does that cute boyfriend of yours know about it?”

“No, grandma,” Hayli replied.

“I used to surprise your grandfather all of the time.”

“OKAY GRANDMA,” Hayli said laughing, “I got the picture.”

Dottie Samuels laughed lightly, “How was New York?”

“It was fun, we had a great time.”

“Is that adorable French teammate of your boyfriend with you?”

“Yeah, Patrice is here.”

Patrice let curiosity get the best of him and he looked at Hayli who laughed, “Hold on, I’ll put him on. Here my grandma wants to talk to you.”

Tyler laughed as he looked behind him and saw Patrice blush. Dottie was laying on the charm strong and Tyler grabbed Hayli’s hand. Patrice handed Hayli back her phone and she said goodbye to her grandmother.

Patrice sent Hayli another text message and he saw her clench the phone tightly in her hand before pounding back a reply.

I don’t understand how you can forgive him so easily

Like I said, mind your own business

Why are you being so shitty to me? Excuse me for caring.

You can tell me what to do when you’re my boyfriend but you’re not and you never will be.[/b[

Patrice sighed.

If that’s the way you want it, then that’s the way it’s going to be.

Chapter V-Where my Heart Is

“Hayli,” Tyler said entering their bedroom in Boston, “Are you ready? I have to get to the arena soon.”

“I’ll be out in a minute, let me finish my hair.”

Tyler shook his head before fixing his tie in the mirror of their bedroom while Hayli used the bathroom. Tyler walked into the bathroom and smiled as Hayli sprayed one last piece of hair in place before tugging his jersey over her head carefully.

“I’m ready,” she smiled as Tyler stepped forward to give her a kiss.

“I can’t wait to go home to Brampton for a couple of days. We need to go back after all the silly fights we’ve getting into.”

“I love you, Tyler,” Hayli said wrapping her arms around his waist burying her face in his chest.

“I love you too,” he whispered into her hair, kissing her head, “You’re everything to me, remember that.”

“I know,” she smiled pulling away, “You mean everything and more to me.”

“We really need to head out before traffic gets worse. God forbid I be late.”

After the game was over, Hayli met Tyler in the locker room where she had left her stuff locked up in Tyler’s locker under the seat of his stall. Patrice sat in the corner of the locker room watching the young couple joke around with Brad before wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas” as they left the arena hand in hand.

Hayli gave Patrice a small smile as she walked out of the room and Patrice mustered up a smile but on the inside, he was jealous of the younger man.

Hayli and Tyler sat on the plane talking about their family’s plans for the two days that they were going to be home. Hayli’s parents were hosting Christmas Eve and Tyler’s family was hosting Christmas. It had been a while since the two families were together for the holiday.

Tyler watched a movie on the plane from his laptop while Hayli slept. She looked uncomfortable curled up into a ball against the window of the plane. Tyler lifted the arm rest and pulled her closer to him, Hayli mumbled incoherently as her head fell onto Tyler’s chest. He kissed her forehead gently and exited out of the movie on his laptop.

Tyler inhaled a deep breath as he Googled jewelry stores in Boston, writing the numbers down on a napkin before shoving it in his pocket. Tyler grabbed Hayli’s left hand and smiled at the ruby heart ring that he had given her for Valentine’s Day the year before he was drafted. He knew what the future would bring them in two years and he wanted to make sure she knew he was in the relationship for the long haul. Lately all Tyler had been thinking about was his and Hayli’s future. Their fighting had worried him, they hadn’t argued that much anytime in their relationship and it made Tyler wonder what the future held for them.

They landed in Brampton shortly after one in the morning. Tyler’s dad was there to pick them up and take them back to their childhood homes, “Are you sleeping at my house tonight or yours,” Tyler asked as they pulled into his driveway.

“I’ll stay with you,” Hayli whispered as Tyler took her hand and lead her into the house.

“It’s good to have you guys home,” Paul Seguin said as he walked Tyler's room, "Get some sleep, everyone's coming over tomorrow. Goodnight."

"Goodnight dad," Tyler said giving his dad a hug before he left the room, "Are you tired?"

"No, not yet. Why," Hayli replied.

"My muscles are sore from the game and being crammed on the plane. I could use some time in the hot tub, want to join me?"

"Sure," Hayli smiled, "Why not?"

Tyler smiled before stripping down to his boxers, "I'll meet you downstairs."

Hayli smiled as Tyler walked by her, giving her a kiss on his way out. Hayli kneeled down on the floor in front of her suitcase to find the bikini that she had packed just for spontaneous trips to Tyler's family's hot tub when she found a Victoria's Secret bag with her name on it. Hayli looked behind her to make sure Tyler was out of sight before she opened it.

Hayli gasped as she pulled out the Swarovski crystal encrusted Victoria's Secret bra and panties set that she wanted to buy but had held off on. She held off because 1) She couldn't afford it with her paycheck from working on campus and didn't want to ask Tyler for it and 2) $300 for a lingerie set was ridiculous.

Hayli grabbed her phone as she walked into the bathroom that Tyler had to himself in his room. Hayli was changing her clothes while texting the one person she knew could have sent the gift.


Hi baby

you didn't have to get me that gift

you deserved it, babe. I better be the only one that sees you in it.

I have to go but I'll text you tomorrow

make sure you send me a picture of you in that lingerie. I need something to keep me going

Hayli quickly deleted the text messages from her phone and went back out to the bedroom. Tyler was smirking at her holding the rhinestone lingerie and Hayli silently cursed herself for leaving it out.

"You are totally wearing this when we get more free time together," he smirked stepping closer to her, "You finally got it, eh?"

"It only took 4 paychecks," Hayli lied.

"I wanted to get it for you so bad but I knew you'd be pissed if I did. Hayli, I want to provide for you if you'd let me."

"I don't like you spending money on me, Tyler. I like doing things for myself."

"I know you do but as long as you're with me, you'll never want for anything."

Hayli leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his waist, "What did I do to deserve you?"

"I ask myself the same thing," he smiled giving her a kiss, "Now let's go before the water gets cold."

Hayli took his hand as they walked downstairs towards the deck where the hot tub was located. Tyler slowly descended into the water and took Hayli's hand guiding her in.

Tyler smiled as Hayli leaned against him and the jets massaged his muscles. Tyler kissed Hayli's shoulder as she rested her head on his chest.

"It feels good to be back here like this," Tyler whispered as his grip tightened on Hayli's waist.

"I miss when it was just the two of us. Now it's you, me, the NHL, and the world."

Tyler kissed Hayli's neck once again, "I can never thank you enough for standing by me. You always were the only person besides my family who did that. I love you."

Hayli turned so that she was facing him. Tyler's arms were now leaning on both sides of the hot tub, "Make love to me, Tyler," she whispered claiming his lips with her own hungrily.

Tyler wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. Hayli gasped as Tyler's lips met the sensitive spot on her neck that he knew like the back of his hand. Hayli shrieked as Tyler bit down on the spot earning a chuckle out of him.

"Not here," he whispered as Hayli reached down to run her hand over his shorts.

Hayli nodded her head as Tyler stood up and wrapped a towel around the two of them. Tyler closed the door to where the hot tub was and Hayli sat down on the pull out couch that was downstairs in Tyler's trophy room.

Hayli smiled at the picture of him helping her hold up the Stanley Cup as Tyler leaned down to kiss her, "I love you so much," he whispered as he hovered over her.

Hayli wanted to cry when she thought about her affair with Patrice. Tyler would lay his life on the line for her but all she did in return was sleep with another man. Hayli didn't realize a tear had slipped out of her eye, until she felt Tyler wipe it away with his thumb as he kissed her.

"What's wrong," he asked rubbing her side gently.

"I just got overwhelmed being back here, that's all.”

Tyler smiled before kissing her again and lifting the blanket over their heads before kissing her neck.

Hayli clawed at his back as he freed her breasts from the bikini and immediately used his tongue to enjoy her chest, “I want you so bad,” she whispered in his ear.

Tyler peeled the bikini away from her body and slid his shorts over his thighs before crawling back up towards her.

"I love you," he whispered against her lips as he entered her slowly.

It was a different pace for both of them. Hayli was used to hard and fast with Tyler but right now as he took his time with her, she wanted to stay like this forever.

The next morning, Tyler and Hayli woke up and decided to go ice skating at an outdoor rink in Toronto.

Tyler and Hayli skated around holding hands and taking in the sights before them of the world famous skyline, "Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if i played here," Tyler said, "I probably would have been drafted here if Boston wouldn't have traded Kessel."

"You'd be on a team who sucked then," Hayli joked, "You are a Stanley Cup champion, Ty."

"I'd probably be stuck on the Marlies."

"You will never be AHL material."

Tyler smirked, "I'm too good for the AHL."

"Cockiness isn't attractive, Mr. Seguin."

"You didn't have a problem with it last night," he replied smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Hayli punched him in the arm causing him to laugh as she skated away quickly. Tyler chased her around the rink and he tackled her playfully to the ice. He moved the hair away from her face and kissed her, "I love you," he whispered as Hayli smiled.

"I love you too," Hayli smiled as Tyler sat up and pulled her to her feet.

"Let's get home and see your family."

They drove back home to Brampton where Hayli would see her family for the first time. They didn’t know that she and Tyler were home yet. Tyler wasn’t Janine and Tim Samuels’ favorite person in the world. He took Hayli with him to Boston and her parents both thought they were too young to live together but Hayli went against their wishes.

Tyler pulled into the driveway of his house, both he and Hayli walked across the lawn and up the three small steps to the front door. Hayli used her key to get in and she immediately saw her family in the living room.

“HAYLI,” Jamie, her younger brother said as he ran over to her, hugging both her and Tyler.

“Hey buddy,” Tyler said kneeling down to Jamie’s level, “You got so big since the summer.”

“I’m seven now,” Jamie said proudly causing Tyler to laugh.

“I know, remember I bought you an xBox?”

Jamie smiled as Hayli picked him up, “You’re too heavy now,” she said as her brother kissed her cheek.

“What did Santa bring you,” Tyler asked as he sat down on the couch with Jamie.

Hayli smiled as she walked into the kitchen and saw her mom and Tyler’s mom, Jackie cooking.

“Hayli, you look beautiful,” Janine Samuels beamed as she walked around the counter to hug her daughter, “It’s so good to have you home.”

Jackie Seguin smiled before hugging her son’s girlfriend, “Where’s Tyler?”

“In the living room playing xBox with Jamie, where’s dad?”

“He went with Paul and Cassidy to pick Candace and Lacy up from some Christmas party at one of their friend’s houses; they should be back any minute.”

Lacy was Hayli’s 15 year old sister who was friends with Candace. Hayli began helping her mom as Tyler kept Jamie occupied in the living room with the xBox. Hayli, Jackie, and her mom finished cooking dinner when her dad came home with Tyler’s dad and sisters.

“Hayli,” Lacy said hugging her sister, “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” she smiled before hugging Candace and Cassidy. Hayli hugged her dad and he kissed her forehead.

“We miss you around here,” he said, “How’s Boston treating you?”

“Boston’s treating me really well; I made the Dean’s List this semester.”

“That’s great,” everyone said in unison as Tyler entered the kitchen.

“Tyler,” Cassidy shrieked when she saw her brother.

“Hey Cass,” he said hugging her, “Still staying away from boys?”

“Yes,” she smiled and Tyler raised an eyebrow at her.

Candace whispered in his ear and Tyler laughed, “Who’s Billy Thomas,” he asked as he saw Cassidy blush and glare at Candace who was laughing.

“CANDACE,” she whined causing everyone to laugh.

“Dinner’s ready,” Janine said, “Let’s eat.”

Everyone sat around the dining room table eating and laughing. It was just like old times when Hayli and Tyler were kids and their families would get together. After dinner, Hayli’s family and Tyler’s family went to the living room to watch “Christmas Vacation.” Hayli was curled up next to Tyler on the couch with her head on his chest. Hayli fell asleep and Tyler carried her to her room when the movie was over.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” he whispered pulling the blanket over her before heading out of the house to his room.

The next morning, Hayli woke up to Tyler kissing her neck.

“Even after all of these years, you still have that key to the lock,” she said as Tyler smiled.

“We need our own house here,” he said, “We’ll start looking this summer.”

Hayli smiled as she sat up and wiped the sleep out of her eyes, “Where is everybody?”

“My mom and your mom are at my house cooking. Lacy and Candace are doing each other’s hair or some shit like that, Jamie is with our dads in my living room watching the Disney parade. Which means, we’re all alone,” he smirked as he crawled on top of Hayli.

Tim Samuels decided to spy on his daughter’s boyfriend when he used the restroom in the Seguin’s house. He snooped through Tyler’s suitcase where he found condoms in the front zipper. He knew his daughter was sexually active and there was nothing he could do but he wanted to nail Tyler with something that would cause his daughter to break up with him. Tyler had left his Blackberry sitting on his dresser; Tim Samuels scrolled through the phone and found pictures of Hayli and Tyler together at Celtics games and in the family lounge of TD Banknorth Garden after games.

Tim Samuels wasn’t prepared for the naked pictures of his daughter in Tyler’s phone. Ready to kill Tyler, Tim came across a video on Tyler’s phone of Hayli giving Tyler a blowjob. Storming across the lawn to his daughter’s bedroom, he knocked on the door before Tyler opened it.

“You little son of a bitch,” he spat grabbing Tyler by the shirt, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What are you talking about,” Tyler asked as Hayli tried to pull her dad off of Tyler.

“Get that fucking video off of your phone right now.”

“Tyler, what is he talking about?”

“What video?”

Tyler’s face went pale as her dad pressed play on his Blackberry shoving it into Tyler’s hands, “You turned her into a whore.”

“How dare you,” Hayli said, “I am not a whore.”

“Then how the fuck do you explain the video of you giving him a blowjob.”

“He wanted something to keep on the road, he got rid of it or so I thought he did.”

“Get out of my house,” Tim Samuels barked to Tyler who looked defeated.

“He goes, I go,” Hayli said walking around her dad and across the lawn to Tyler’s room.

“I don’t know how he found it,” Tyler said as he packed his suitcase. He and Hayli were now alone in his room packing to go back to Boston after dinner instead of the morning after.

“I thought you deleted it.”

“I did,” Tyler replied, “He must have found it on the memory card, “Fuck, he did.”

Hayli smiled slightly before walking out of Tyler’s room and back to hers to grab the stuff that she had left. Hayli’s family never showed up for dinner that night at the Seguin household. Hayli opened her presents from them and Tyler’s family after dinner. Tyler and Hayli said goodbye to his family and got back on the first plane they could get to Boston.

“He fucking had a video of her giving him a blowjob,” Tim Samuels said to his wife as she finished heating the leftovers from the night before, “That little son of a bitch.”

“They’ve been together for almost 5 years, Tim. I’m sure they have done a lot of stuff we don’t know about it, trust me I’m not thrilled either but you didn’t have to chase them back to Boston. We don’t ever get to see her and you did this.”

“That’s it, stick up for them.”

“I’m not sticking up for anyone, you overreacted. Yes the video is wrong but Tim, they’re both adults who have been in a committed relationship for 4 years and who have lasted longer than a Kardashian marriage.”

“He ruined my little girl,” Tim said, “I give them six months and they’ll be broken up because that little shit cheated on her.”

Janine Samuels rolled her eyes as Tim drank his beer. Meanwhile, Tyler and Hayli were on the plane upset that their nice trip they had planned back home didn’t go according to plans. Hayli leaned her head against the window and wiped the tears out of her eyes. Tyler fell asleep and Hayli pulled out her phone to text Patrice.

On my way back to Boston, there was a free for all with something my dad found on Tyler’s phone. I need to see you.

Hayli turned the phone off and stuck it back into her carryon bag. Hayli fell asleep not sure what the future held for her. It was going to get ugly and she knew it but right now her heart was with Tyler and despite everything with Patrice, Tyler would always be number one.