Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter III-Lips of an Angel

Tyler smiled down at Hayli as he collapsed on top of her for the fifth time that morning; he was cleared to play again after he recovered from a high ankle sprain. He would be leaving Hayli for four days to go on the Bruins’ upcoming road trip to Pittsburgh then Winnipeg, where they would travel back to back then home again before leaving for another road game.

“I don’t want you to go,” Hayli whispered as Tyler tucked a strand of hair behind her ears.

Tyler kissed her softly, “I don’t want to go either but I have to. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Over the two months that Tyler was on the shelf with his injury, him and Hayli spent more time together than they had throughout the four years that they were together because Tyler was always busy with hockey. The past two months were nice and they fell even more in love that they were before.

Hayli had not seen or heard from Patrice in two weeks and she was grateful for that because it gave her more time to focus on her and Tyler’s relationship. They had spent the entire morning making love to each other before Tyler had to leave for the airport. Tyler’s alarm clock on his phone went off causing them to both groan as Tyler buried his face in Hayli’s shoulder, “Five more minutes.”

“Come on, let’s go take a shower,” Hayli said grabbing Tyler’s hand and pulling him with her towards their bathroom. They showered as quickly as they could, fooling around one more time before the water turned cold snapping them both back to reality.

Tyler groaned as Hayli pulled on the black lace bra and panties before sliding into one of his Bruins sweatshirts. Hayli tucked her jeans into her Uggs and grabbed Tyler’s car keys from the night stand.

“Do you want me to drive or are you driving?”

“I’ll drive,” Tyler smiled, “You can drive home.”

They drove to the airport in silence, Tyler holding Hayli’s hand the whole time as if his life depended on it. He never realized how much she was there for him until he needed her most. He loved her with everything he had and that’s why it was bittersweet leaving her.

Tyler pulled into the airport and Hayli sighed as she undid her seatbelt and got out. Tyler grabbed his bag out of the trunk and set it down on the ground. Hayli sighed as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead holding her to him.

She freed her hands from the hoodie pocket and wrapped them around him inhaling his scent. They stayed that way for several minutes since they wouldn’t see each other for almost a week.

“Please don’t go, Ty,” she said and Tyler heard the sadness in her voice.

“What’s gotten into you,” Tyler said pulling away giving her a kiss.

“I got used to having you around again, I’m sorry I’m overreacting.”

“No, baby, you’re not,” Tyler said pulling her to him once again.

“Come on man, we got to go,” Milan Lucic said to Tyler as he headed into the airport.

Hayli refused to let go and Tyler felt himself ready to cry, “I’ll be back before you know it, baby.”

“Call me when you land so I know you’re safe,” she replied pulling away to give him another kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Tyler smiled letting go of her hand before grabbing his bag heading into the airport.

Patrice watched the interaction from the terminal that the Bruins were flying out of and he want to throw up when Tyler kissed Hayli. He didn’t know what had gotten into him, he was happily married to Stephanie but Hayli made him feel something that he had never felt before and it scared him.

Patrice boarded the plane forgetting about the two of them outside of the window as he fell into conversation with Zdeno Chara, “Where’s Seguin,” Claude Julien asked Brad Marchand who sat alone on the plane.

“He was making out with his girlfriend outside last time I checked,” Johnny Boychuk called from his seat towards the back of the plane.

“What the fuck, Marchand make yourself useful and tell the stewardess to tell the pilot we’re not leaving until we have Seguin on board,” Coach Julien said as he exited the plane that was still in the terminal and he followed the path to where the Bruins parked.

“I got to go,” Tyler said as he gave Hayli one last kiss. He felt guilty as he walked away from her the first time and went back to hug her one last time.

“I love you,” she whispered wiping away the tear that had fallen from her eyes.

“SEGUIN, LET’S GO,” Claude Julien called from the terminal, “OR WE’RE LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!”

“I love you,” Tyler said smiling as he placed one last kiss on her lips.

Hayli watched him go and wiped her eyes to fix her make-up that had smudged, “Hey whore,” Jamie’s voice called out. Hayli turned around and saw Jamie coming towards her, “You look like you need a little retail therapy in your life,” she said as she hugged Hayli who nodded.

I left Brad the car so we can take yours and Tyler’s, “I need new lingerie for my man.”

“Oh make me puke,” Hayli said, “I do not know about you and the Smurf’s sex life.”

“Smurf,” Jamie laughed, “That’s a new one.”

“Let’s just get out of here before I run onto the plane and drag Tyler off,” Hayli said laughing as Jamie climbed into the passenger seat of Tyler’s Range Rover.

They drove to the closest Victoria’s Secret store which wasn’t that far away from the airport. They browsed around and Hayli couldn’t help but use all of the coupons that she had and in the end she got $1000 worth of stuff for almost $500. She wished they had a Bruins collection so she could wear the underwear for Tyler but he liked the Patriots since he was now into everything Boston had. She bought everything Patriots and Red Sox. Her credit card was now to the limit but she would pay it off on pay day when she got her pay check from the marketing firm she was currently working at.

Hayli was looking around the store after placing her bags in the car while she waited for Jamie to finish shopping when her phone went off. She saw that she had a text message from a number in Boston but she didn’t know who it was.

Does your boyfriend always brag to Marchand about your sex life?

Hayli looked at the text message and frowned before typing back a reply.

Who is this?

You know Segs really shouldn’t leave his phone hanging around the locker room unattended

Seriously, who the hell is this?

Calm down, it’s Patrice. I took your number out of Segs’ phone last week while he was in the shower

What are you talking about my boyfriend talks about my sex life to Brad?

He’s sitting here bragging about how he made you come six times this morning. I thought he’d respect you a little bit more than that.

Tyler had a huge amount of respect for Hayli, he felt guilty for telling Brad about their sex life but he at the same time wanted to brag to the older man that he could satisfy his girlfriend. Patrice knew that the younger men didn’t know he heard their conversation and it made him angry to know that Tyler was putting his and Hayli’s personal business out there. Brad had a big mouth and would tell the entire locker room. Patrice knew he would defend Hayli without making it obvious that he was having an affair with her.

I haven’t stopped thinking about you

Hayli looked through the racks of lingerie and spotted the leopard print cut out ruffled teddy. She tried it on and she knew she looked sexy in it. Tyler would have loved it but he didn’t deserve it after he bragged to Brad about their sex life. Hayli swallowed her pride and bought it for Patrice. It was against her better judgment but she needed to see the Frenchman.

Hayli swallowed hard as she sent the picture of herself wearing the lingerie to Patrice. It was out of character for her and she didn’t know what suddenly came over her besides the angry feeling towards Tyler.

Patrice felt the crotch of his pants tighten as he opened the attachment on his phone. Hayli looked beautiful with her long brown hair down and the lingerie on matching her dark skin tone.

Are you trying to kill me?

I figured Tyler didn’t deserve it so when you get back, it’s all yours if you want it

I want it really bad, trust me. My wife is out of town Wednesday through Tuesday, come over on Sunday when we get back Columbus?

I’ll think about it

Tell Segs you’re going to your friend’s house

Hayli deleted all of the text messages that she and Patrice had exchanged. Jamie was standing outside and Hayli paid for the lingerie, stuffing it in her purse so Jamie wouldn’t notice and she headed outside to the car where they drove to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Patrice sat on the plane and listened to Brad ask questions about Hayli to Tyler. Patrice had heard enough and he leaned over the seat to say something to the two of them, “Tyler doesn’t have to answer any questions. It’s not your business what he does with his girlfriend. I don’t see you going around bragging about what you do with your girlfriend, so stay out of his business.”

Tyler smirked as Brad glared at Patrice, “Thank you,” Tyler mouthed and Patrice nodded his head turning around to finish the movie on his laptop. He was still angry with Tyler for telling intimate details of his and Hayli’s sex life but he saw how uncomfortable Tyler was with Brad interrogating him.

The Bruins returned home Wednesday night after going 1-1 on the road trip. Tyler was scratched for Tuesday’s game after missing a team meeting thanks to sleeping in after talking to Hayli all night on the phone. He didn’t take his scratch lightly and all he wanted to do when he got home was be in Hayli’s arms and sleep for hours with her next to him but he never got that chance because Hayli wasn’t home. There was a note on the counter telling him that she had went out with Carly and Anna.

Tyler sighed as he made his way to the bathroom where he took a hot shower and fell asleep alone in bed waiting for Hayli to come home.

Hayli let herself into Patrice’s house using the key that he had told her was in the flower pot by the door. Stephanie’s car was gone out of the garage which meant she was on her way back to Quebec to visit her family for almost a week.

“Hayli,” Patrice called out from the doorway, “Are you here?”

“I’m upstairs,” Hayli called out and Patrice kicked his shoes off at the door and ran up the stairs. He thanked God he only travelled home in a white button down shirt and dress pants. It made it easier to get undressed when he had to. When Patrice walked up the stairs, he saw the lights to one of the guestrooms on.

“This isn’t my room,” he said.

“I think you owe it to your wife not to fuck someone else in your bed,” Hayli replied, “I already feel guilty as it is and I don’t want to feel even worse.”

Patrice smirked as he made his way over to the bed and ran his calloused hands over her exposed sides causing her to shiver, “You’re so fucking hot. Seriously, do you know how many cold showers I took every time I looked at that picture,” he whispered into her ear as he pushed her back roughly on the bed. Hayli removed his shirt and ran her hands over his chest and stomach before their lips met in another heated kiss. Before Hayli knew it, Patrice entered her swiftly and she moaned his name as he made her come like she never had before, not even with Tyler. Patrice was gentle and took his time whispering sweet nothings in her ear as he reached his climax and collapsed on top of her.

The two of them laid there for a while and Hayli was almost asleep when she stood up to get dressed, “I have to go,” she said as Patrice groaned.

“Stay the night, please,” he asked.

“I have to get home to Tyler, he thinks I’m out with Carly and Anna. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“You better,” Patrice smirked, “I’ll call you.”

Hayli leaned down and gave him a quick kiss but Patrice grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. He deepened the kiss and Hayli groaned as his beard brushed her chest as he licked her cleavage, “I really have to go.”

“Are you sure,” Patrice smirked.

“I’ll see you this weekend.”

“I’m holding you to that,” he called out as he heard her walk down the stairs and the door shut behind her.

Hayli arrived home and took a shower before climbing in bed next to Tyler who was asleep. Kissing his cheek, she whispered she loved him before turning over and going to sleep feeling the guilt wash over her again.

Tyler woke up the next morning with Hayli’s head on his chest and he looked at the clock next to the bed. He had morning skate which meant Hayli would still be asleep when he came back home. When he arrived home, he saw Hayli cooking pasta for him to eat before he left for the game.

“Nice to see your home,” Tyler spat causing Hayli to snap her head up from the griddle of chicken that she was cooking.

“Excuse me,” she asked.

“I thought you’d be out with Carly and Anna, clearly they are more important than I am to you.”

“You are psycho,” she replied turning the chicken off before putting it on the cutting board that was on the counter.

“I came home last night and all I wanted to do was come home to my girlfriend but I couldn’t because she was out with her friends. I needed you last night after fucking being scratched on Tuesday and you weren’t here.”

“You seriously need to calm down. I don’t see you for four days and when I do, this is how you treat me?”

“Whatever, I’m going to take a nap.”

Hayli winced as she heard their bedroom door slam. The Bruins were shut out that night by Jose Theodore and the Florida Panthers which made Tyler even crankier than he was. He spent all day Friday at Brad and Jamie’s before leaving for Columbus without saying goodbye while Jamie and Hayli went out drinking. The Bruins brought home the win from Columbus and Hayli was on her way to Patrice’s house shortly after Tyler had gotten home. They had gotten into another fight because he was still mad about everything that had happened on Wednesday.

Hayli called Patrice and he told her to come spend the night since Tyler was being a jackass. When Hayli arrived, Patrice opened the door and pulled her into the house kissing her as if she was coming home from a long day at work. Patrice’s hands fiddled with the hem of her t-shirt but she pushed him away.

“Not tonight,” she whispered, “I’m sorry but I really just need some sleep.”

Patrice nodded his head and guided Hayli over to the couch. He turned on Christmas Vacation and he heard Hayli’s breathing become even. She was sound asleep on his chest and he kissed her forehead before turning the TV off. Laying back on the couch, Patrice brought Hayli down gently on his chest and wrapped the quilt around the two of them before he two drifted off to sleep.

Hayli woke up in the middle of the night to her phone ringing, “Hello,” she grumbled.

“Please come home,” Tyler begged, “I can’t sleep without you, where are you?”

“I crashed at Lindsay’s last night,” she lied, “I’ll be home in the morning.”

“I’m sorry for being an asshole,” Tyler said and Hayli looked down at Patrice who was getting ready to snore. Hayli stood up and walked into kitchen where she finished the call with Tyler.

“I’m sorry too.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Hayli was doing something wrong, she was doing Patrice, “Get some sleep,” Hayli said, “I love you and I’ll be home in the morning.”

“I love you too,” he said, “Goodnight, baby.”

“Goodnight, Tyler.”

Patrice heard Hayli on the phone when he woke up because he no longer felt her laying on his chest. He knew it was Tyler and Hayli was torn between her boyfriend and him, both he and Hayli were just as guilty in this whole situation. They both knew it was wrong but to them it felt right and they were both making it hard to be faithful.

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