Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chapter IV-You Drive Me Crazy

“Please can you go pick Hayli up at school,” Tyler asked Brad as they left the arena, “I have to go to visit the children’s hospital for Christmas with the guys and Hayli is done in an hour. Can you please help me out?”

“Why can’t she just take a bus or walk home?”

“Newsflash, I’m Tyler Seguin, she’s my girlfriend who could be kidnapped by some thug to get money from me.”

“If they kidnapped her, they’d give her back for free once they heard her open her damn mouth.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Tyler spat as he pulled out his cell phone to call Hayli, “Just pick her up for me, please? I picked Jamie up from work last week when her car broke down, you owe me.”

“FINE,” Brad replied suddenly feeling guilty, “I’ll go pick up the skank.”

“Please be nice to her.”

“When am I not nice to her?”

Tyler rolled his eyes, “Asshole,” he mumbled before walking down the hall of TD Banknorth Garden.

“The bitch can always walk home,” Brad called out down the hall earning a middle finger and a string of curses from the younger hockey player.

Hayli sighed as she looked at her watch just fifteen minutes and she’d be home with Tyler for a couple of days. Tyler would be home for three days before returning to the road. Hayli was looking forward to it just being the two of them for a change.

Sighing as her professor wished them all a good Christmas break. Hayli stayed behind so that she could talk to him about her upcoming internship with a public relations firm. Hayli was more excited about going home to Brampton for Christmas than she was about spending a couple of days with Tyler. Tyler and Hayli were flying out after the game in Boston on the 23rd to be in Brampton early Christmas morning.

Brad sat in the parking lot of the Boston University Nutrition and Fitness Center waiting for Hayli. Brad was eyed up several times by the college girls that walked by. Brad flirted with a smirk or a wink but nothing too big. Jamie would have his balls on a silver platter if he ever cheated on her.

5 minutes whore or I'm leaving

I'm waiting for the elevator now, hose nose

I'll make you walk home

Tyler will kill you

It'd be worth it

Fuck you

No thank you

Your nose is bigger than your dick

Jamie has never complained

Not to your face anyways

I'm leaving, goodbye bitch

I swear to God if you leave me, I will make your life a living hell

I am the Devil, sweet cheeks

Your horns are your nose

Have fun walking the freeway home

I'm here, where are you?

Brad didn't respond and Hayli groaned as she got his voicemail once again, "Brad, you big nosed fuck, I swear to God if you don't get your fat ass back here I will murder you."

Hayli shoved her phone in the pocket of her jeans hoodie before wrapping her Victoria’s Secret hoodie tighter around her. Winter was in full swing in Boston and Hayli didn't bother with a coat in the morning, because Tyler dropped her off and was supposed to pick her up.

She tried dialing Tyler's number but it went right to voicemail. Hayli walked into the Barnes and Noble that was close by to get a cup of coffee in the cafe. Hayli found a table in the corner and sat down, pulling the book out of her bag that she had began earlier that day, she didn't pay attention to anyone or anything.

Patrice decided to stop at the Barnes and Noble on his way home from an autograph signing downtown to get something to drink. It was the only place close that was open while rush hour traffic consumed Boston.

Patrice paid for his coffee and was ready to leave, when he spotted Hayli walking down the sidewalk towards the subway station.

"Hayli," he called out from the black Mercedes G-class.

Patrice knew she didn't hear him with the headphones in her ears. Patrice put the car in park and shrugged out of his jacket. He got close to Hayli and wrapped the jacket around her shoulders. Patrice laughed as Hayli grabbed the mace that was in her pocket and aimed it towards him.

"Relax, babe," he whispered, "It's only me."

"You scared me," she whispered as Patrice wrapped his arm around her shoulders and lead her to the car.

Patrice opened the door for her and Hayli climbed in appreciatively, “What the hell were you doing walking in the dark by yourself?”

“Tyler sent Brad to pick me up from school and he left me when I took too long walking to the car.”

“That little rat faced bastard,” Patrice said, “I’ll kill him.”

Hayli laughed as she held her hands over the heating vents. She shrugged out of Patrice’s jacket and draped it over herself like a blanket before shrinking back into the seat, “Thank you so much.”

Patrice lifted his arm and gestured for her to move close to him since the car didn’t have a center console, “Thank you,” she said cuddling into his chest. Patrice kissed her forehead gently and held her close as he drove up the large hill.

“Where are we going?”

“Do you trust me,” Patrice asked.

Hayli nodded her head and Patrice continued the drive up Summit Avenue between Brookline and Brighton. Hayli saw the entire city of Boston lit up in the winter lights from the spot. She saw the Christmas trees downtown and the streets where the shops were lit up for the Holidays. Patrice put the car in park and Hayli leaned her head on his chest as they stared out of the window in front of him.

“It’s beautiful,” Hayli whispered sitting up straight in the seat.

Patrice smiled lightly, “It’s not as beautiful as you.”

Hayli smiled before leaning over him. Patrice smiled as Hayli straddled his lap and claimed his lips with her own. Patrice ran his hands under the shirt she wore, “Hmm…,” he challenged, “Let me be the judge of the shirt.”

Hayli smirked as she looked down and saw the shirt she wore said, “Pats fans are great kissers.”

Patrice grabbed Hayli’s hair and pulled her lips to his own. Patrice leaned her against the steering wheel and smirked as Hayli’s jeans fell down her hips.

“You’re making this too easy,” he smirked kissing her hips. Hayli pushed him back and unzipped the black sweater that clung to his body.

“I want you so bad,” Hayli whispered as she kissed Patrice’s chest. Patrice pulled her jeans off in one swift movement along with her pants and grabbed her roughly. Hayli gasped as Patrice licked her folds as he positioned her over his face.

“FUCK,” she screamed suddenly thankful for the tinted windows of the truck as she opened her eyes and looked down to see Patrice sucking her clit.

“You like that,” he asked as Hayli grinded herself against his face.

“God yes,” she moaned as Patrice grabbed her ass in his hands.

“PATRICE! OH FUCK,” she cried out as he inserted a finger into her and hit her gspot. Patrice smirked as he felt her come on his fingers.

She lifted herself off of him when he freed his fingers from inside of her and unzipped his pants before taking him into her mouth. Patrice let out a hiss as her teeth grazed his erection, “Hayli,” he growled as she continued to suck him off.

Hayli looked up at him and Patrice dropped his head back letting out a string of profanity as Hayli gripped his balls. Hayli hummed and Patrice knew he was close as she bobbed her head up and down. Patrice leaned up on his elbows and watched her before he jerked his hips up and shot his load into the back of her throat.

Patrice sat up and pinned Hayli against the steering wheel once again, “Do you have a condom,” he whispered and Hayli nodded her head before reaching into her purse and grabbing one out of her cosmetic bag.

Patrice took the foil packet from her hands and rolled it over his length before entering Hayli slowly, “Fuck,” she moaned throwing herself against the steering wheel causing the horn to honk. Patrice laughed as Hayli’s eyes shot open and her head fell onto Patrice’s chest.

“Maybe we should move this to the backseat,” Patrice chuckled as Hayli climbed into the backseat. Patrice climbed into the backseat and almost blew his load early as he watched Hayli touching herself. Patrice sat up as straight as he could and pulled her down onto his lap. Patrice gripped her hands onto the seat behind him and began riding him.

Patrice groaned as Hayli clenched herself around him. The only sounds that were heard were their moans and the series of curse words that were coming out of both of them.

Patrice reached in between them and tweaked Hayli’s clit with his thumb sending her over the edge as she collapsed on top of him. Patrice climaxed shortly after and gently kissed Hayli on the lips.

“Damn, look what we did to the windows,” he joked as Hayli reached for her shirt in the front seat.

Hayli’s phone rang and she reached into her purse to grab it, “TYLER,” she said, “I swear to God, I am going to murder Brad. I’m fine. Patrice saw me in Barnes and Noble and offered to give me a ride home. Yeah, he’s right here, hold on.”

Patrice muted the call before looking at Hayli, “I kind of feel weird talking to my teammate while my dick is in his girlfriend.”

Hayli swatted at his chest before climbing off of him to grab her pants in the front seat. Hayli threw the condom wrapper out of the window and turned the key to Patrice’s car so he could wind down the window. Patrice was talking to Tyler and peeled the condom off of his body before tossing it out the window.

“So nasty,” he whispered as Hayli handed him a Kleenex that she had in her purse along with hand sanitizer that she had so he could clean himself up.

Hayli squirted some in her hands and wiped Patrice’s face and neck off, “Thank you,” he mumbled and she pulled her shirt over her head and fixed her hair in the mirror of his car.

Patrice hung up the phone and got himself dressed before driving Hayli home. Patrice parked a few houses away and he leaned over to give Hayli a kiss before they both got out of the car.

Hayli didn’t even get a chance to open the door to the house before Tyler was in her arms, “I’m so sorry, baby,” he said, “I was so worried about you when Brad told me that he left you. I searched all over the BU campus for you.”

Hayli wrapped her arms around Tyler’s waist, “I am going to kill Brad.”

Tyler pulled away and kissed her. Patrice turned away not wanting to see the PDA before him, “Bergy, thank you so much for bringing her home,” Tyler said shaking his hand, “I will never be able to repay you.”

“You’re welcome, man,” Patrice replied, “We’ll both get Brad tomorrow. I have to get home, Stephanie is probably worried about me.”

“Thanks for the ride, Patrice,” Hayli smiled and Patrice knew there was a hidden meaning in her words.

“Anytime, goodnight guys,” Patrice replied.

“Goodnight Bergy,” Tyler said before pulling Hayli inside of the house.

Hayli walked upstairs to her and Tyler’s bedroom and shred her clothes. She was in desperate need of a shower and she wasted no time climbing in under the hot spray. Hayli was rinsing her hair when she felt Tyler come in behind her and wrap his arms around her waist.

“I am so sorry, baby,” he whispered as he kissed her.

“It’s okay,” Hayli whispered feeling bad for him, “I love you.”

“I love you, too. I punched him in the face if that makes you feel any better. Son of a bitch laughed it off.”

Hayli laughed, “Go figure, Brad can never be serious.”

Tyler laughed as he pinned Hayli against the wall, Tyler lifting her as the water fell around him and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Tyler reached between them and entered her slowly, “I love you,” he whispered as he began moving in and out of her slowly. Hayli was grateful that the water covered the tears she was crying as the guilt washed over her. She felt like a slut as she and Tyler made love in the shower not even an hour after she had cheated on him again with Patrice.

Tyler smiled down at her as they got out of the shower and wrapped the towels around them, “Come on, let’s get some sleep,” Tyler said dragging her towards the bed.

Tyler wrapped his arms around Hayli and he fell asleep immediately as Hayli stared at the wall. She could have swore she saw him in the mirror but she knew it was all in her head.

“You drive me crazy,” she whispered as she fell asleep in the arms of the man that loved her while dreaming of a man that wasn’t hers.

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