Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapter VII-An Unwanted Visitor

Chapter 7-An Unwanted Visitor "Tyler, stop," Hayli giggled as he rolled on top of her, "I'm going to be late for class." "Don't go today," he whispered as he hovered over her on their bed, "Practice is optional today and I wanted to take you out to lunch and spend the day with you. I haven't seen you in a week and I really just need you right now." Hayli ran her fingers through his hair as his head rested on her stomach. Tyler wasn't playing as well as he would have liked and was being hard on himself. Tyler smiled up at her slightly, "That feels good." Hayli smiled lacing her hand with his, "Don't be so hard on yourself, Ty." Tyler sighed, "I know, it's just I feel useless." "You're not useless. You're an amazing player who will find his groove again. Even Malkin and Crosby have had rough patches. You'll be okay, Ty." Tyler pushed himself up further and gave her a kiss, "I love you, baby." "Mmm," Hayli moaned into the kiss, "I love you too." Tyler smirked against her lips as he ran his hand up her bare thigh. It had been almost two weeks since they had sex. Hayli was busy with school and work while Tyler had been on the road. "Ty," she moaned as his fingers traced her entrance. "I love you, so much," he whispered as he kissed her while his fingers pumped in and out of her. "Oh God," she cried out as he kissed his way down her stomach before using his mouth in sync with his fingers. Hayli shuddered as Tyler sucked on her clit as she bucked against his face while screaming his name. Tyler smirked as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Hayli watched as he stood up from the bed and shed his boxers. Climbing onto the bed, Tyler watched as Hayli shed the T-shirt she was wearing. Tyler smirked as he kissed her before gently laying her back on the bed, Tyler separated her legs and slowly pushed into her. Hayli gasped as Tyler pulled put before thrusting into her once again, "You feel so good, baby," he whispered as he kissed her neck before making his way to her breast as he slowly moved inside of her. "Harder, Tyler, please," Hayli begged as Tyler brought her to the edge slowly before collapsing on top of her kissing her slowly as he ran his fingers through her hair. Tyler spilled himself inside of her, Hayli smiled as they continued to kiss. "I'm sorry," Tyler whispered, "If I have said anything these last couple of weeks that have hurt your feelings, I'm sorry." "I'm over it, Tyler. I love you." "In case I never told you, I'm proud of you. You are an amazing person and I'm so proud of you for going to school. I wish sometimes I had gone to college instead of going to the NHL but then I think I wouldn't have won the cup." "I've always been so proud of you," Hayli replied running her hands through Tyler’s damp hair, "But to hear you say that you're proud of me means a lot." "I'm also sorry you have given up practically your whole life to be with me. Sacrificing a full scholarship to Harvard was a lot but we didn't know that I would be drafted here. I know your parents hate me but at the end of the day, look how far we have come? You're my world Hayli, without you, I'm nothing. Most guys put hockey first but I try to put you first. I'm sorry if sometimes it's the opposite way but you are my everything." Hayli felt like shit, she had cheated with Patrice on Tyler who had just spilled his heart out to her. She wanted to tell him everything but the Bruins were entering the playoffs and didn't need the stress of the two line mates fighting. Tyler also needed her and Hayli didn't want to be the one to blame for the season falling through. Hayli wiped the tears away from her eyes, "I love you, so much Tyler. I never once have stopped." Tyler smiled before kissing her again, "Come on, let's shower and go get some lunch." Hayli took his outstretched hand and followed him to the bathroom where they showered together. Tyler held Hayli's back to his chest whispering how much he loved her as the spray fell around them. Hayli knew she had to give up Patrice once and for all. She truly loved Tyler and he didn't deserve it. After their shower was finished, Tyler wrapped a towel around Hayli and held her to him. Hayli wasn't used to this side of Tyler, in fact, this side of Tyler left when they came to Boston. He had his days where he told her he loved her and would shower her with affection, but today he was the Tyler she remembered falling in love with. His looks had changed drastically throughout the years but he still would do anything and everything for Hayli and his family. "Where do you want to go," Tyler asked as Hayli tied her shoes. Tyler had told her to dress casual but comfortable, so she wore a pink hoodie with a white tank top underneath and dark jeans with white Nikes. Tyler wore a gray hoodie with a white V-neck shirt underneath and jeans. "I am dying for Starbucks," Hayli replied, "Let's go get coffee and walk around for a little bit then we'll get lunch." "Sounds good," Tyler smiled grabbing his wallet from the nightstand before reaching for Hayli's hand. Tyler set the alarm by the door and they headed down towards the elevator of their apartment building. Tyler opened Hayli's car door and shut it as he walked around to his side and they drove into the heart of the city. "What do you want," Tyler asked as they walked through the door of Starbucks. "Grande mocha Frappuccino," Hayli replied. "I'll get the double chocolaty chip Frappuccino with a shot of vanilla and we'll share," Tyler smiled and Hayli nodded her head in agreement as Tyler ordered. Soon they were walking through the park in the heart of Boston hand in hand. Hayli sat down on the bench near the gazebo in the park as Tyler sat down next to her sliding an arm over her shoulders. Hayli and Tyler laughed as the two small children chased the lab puppy through the grass while their parents looked on. "That puppy is adorable," Hayli said handing her cup to Tyler, who in return handed her his. "Yeah it is," he replied, "The kids are cute too." "They're all cute at that age," Hayli said as the puppy knocked over the small boy. Tyler laughed before taking a deep breath, "We never talked about kids," he said, "We've pretty much have our entire life planned out, including our wedding but we never talked about kids." Hayli smiled at the memory of her and Tyler planning their wedding together one night under the stars in Brampton. Tyler came home from Plymouth and both he and Hayli mapped out their future. "I want two, maybe three," Hayli admitted, "I want one of each or maybe two girls and a boy like both of our parents." "I want two," Tyler said, "Both boys. I'll teach them to skate, you teach them how to be gentlemen. We'll name one after me and one after both of our dads or Liam Tyler. If we have a daughter, I want her to look like you. I like the name Lily Skye but we can always think of more." Tyler surprised himself at the life he suddenly wanted, Hayli nestled close to him and laid her head on his shoulder. Tyler kissed her forehead and held her tight as they continued watching the kids. "Ty," Hayli whispered. "Hm?" "I love you!" "I love you too, baby," he whispered as they finished their drinks enjoying the peace. Tyler's phone broke them from their own little world as it started ringing. Tyler sighed as he answered, "Hello!" "What's up babe," Tyler Brown said on the other end, "How's my wifey?" Hayli groaned at the sound of his voice, she hated him. Tyler Brown had tried countless times to break her and Tyler up but always failed. To top it off, he was arrogant. An AHL player in Adirondack and in Hayli's opinion, a sucky attitude and an even worse hockey player. He made fun of Hayli all of the time when she would come visit Tyler in Plymouth. One time he tried getting Tyler to cheat on her, but failed because the lie he tried to tell blew up in his face. The time frame of his story happened while Tyler and Hayli were on vacation with Tyler's family. "Babe," Tyler said, "Tyler's at the airport, he came to visit." Hayli felt her face fall, once again Tyler Brown ruined her alone time with Tyler. "Can't we send him back?" Tyler laughed, "He's my best friend besides Brad, I can't do that. Can you just try to get along with him for me? I already told him to leave you alone. Just please?" Hayli nodded her head and Tyler stood up from the bench throwing their trash in a nearby can, before grabbing her hand. They walked back to the car in silence but both of them knew that Tyler's visit was going to be hell. They pulled up in front of the airport and Hayli's eyes went wide when she noticed the brunette standing next to her boyfriend's best friend. "Is this a fucking sick joke," she asked as Tyler looked up and saw Katherine, his ex-girlfriend standing with Tyler. "What the fuck is she doing here," he asked. "She's not staying at the house, no way. Tyler staying is one thing but her, I'm not having it!" Tyler agreed that Tyler bringing Katherine was bullshit and that he'd talk to him. "I mean it Tyler, the answer is no. That ho ain't staying in our house." "Will you calm down?" "I will not fucking calm down! Are you serious?" "Try to be nice," Tyler said. "Act like she doesn't exist." "Easier said than done when she's all, 'OH MY GOD TYLER,'" Hayli squealed mockingly. "How have you been? Let me suck your dick!" Tyler laughed leaning over the console to give Hayli a kiss, "Behave, please? That's all I'm asking. I love you not her...remember that." Hayli watched from the passenger seat as Tyler got out of the car and headed towards his friend. Katherine stared at her the whole time while Hayli suppressed the urge to flip her off. Katherine and Tyler walked over to the car and Hayli took a deep breath as she heard the car doors open. "Hi Tyler," she said pretending to be nice. "Don't pretend to be nice," he said as he sat behind her. Hayli saw Tyler grip the steering wheel and she put her hand on his arm, "Let it go," she mouthed. "Tyler, please," Tyler said. "I told you to leave her alone." "Still can't fight your own battles, can you slut," Katherine said. "Kate, shut the fuck up," Tyler said, "You're not welcomed here and you know it." "I thought I'd bring her down for a visit since she's never been here." Tyler glared at his best friend and his ex-girlfriend as they sped away from the airport. The whole way home Katherine made smart remarks to Hayli. Hayli needed to get away fast and she turned to the one person she knew could be that escape: Patrice. She snuck off to her and Tyler's bedroom when she got home and packed an overnight bad. "Where are you going," Tyler asked as he came into the room. "I'm going to Lindsay's for the weekend. Call me when they leave," she said grabbing her bag. "You don't have to go," Tyler said pulling her into his arms, "Just ignore them." "That's my problem, you can ignore people and I can't. I can't be with them," she said. "I love you." "I love you too," Tyler said giving her a kiss. "Dinner tomorrow just the two of us." "I'd like that," Hayli said as she walked out of the room, "I'll call you before I go to bed." Tyler sighed in defeat before following Hayli down the hall to the elevator, "I can't sleep without you," he smiled wrapping his arms around her from behind. Hayli smiled, "You'll live." The elevator dinged and the doors opened, "Bye baby." Tyler pouted before kissing Hayli quickly, "We could have a quickie in there you know?" "Dream on," Hayli giggled as the doors closed on Tyler's million dollar smile. Hayli sighed as she entered the lobby of their apartment building and headed towards where her car was parked in the parking lot across the street. Hayli dialed Patrice’s number and when she didn’t get an answer she prayed that Stephanie wasn’t home. As she drove through the suburban Boston neighborhood she was still upset about Tyler bringing Katherine on his visit. She looked around and saw that Patrice’s car was the only one in the driveway. Taking a deep breath, she sent him a text message letting him know that she was outside. Are you up for company? Hayli sat in the car for a couple of minutes before her phone went off. Where are you? I’m outside Come around the back. Stephanie’s not home this weekend she’s visiting her aunt in Quebec. Hayli drove around the back of the house and parked on a side street. Patrice was waiting in the back door when she got there. “Hey,” he smiled kissing her cheek. “Are you okay?” “Brown came to visit,” she said. “I got a feeling that’s not all of it,” he replied as they entered the house. “He brought Katherine with him.” “Katherine as in Segs’ ex?” “The one and only.” “What the fuck is he trying to prove,” Patrice asked. “What did Tyler do?” “He told Tyler off for bringing her but then he told her off. I can’t be in that house with them. Can I stay here this weekend?” “Stephanie’s coming home on Sunday night but you can stay here if you want.” Hayli smiled, “I’m sorry for not talking to you the past couple of weeks.” Patrice smiled, “Don’t worry about it.” “Are you hungry,” Hayli asked. “Pizza or Chinese?” “Want me to cook for you?” “You cook,” Patrice asked. “A little bit.” “Help yourself to what you need, I’ll replace it all,” he said smiling as he rounded the counter and gave Hayli a kiss on the lips. “It’s good to have you here.” Hayli smiled and Patrice watched her as she moved around the kitchen cooking them dinner. After dinner was over they were sitting in the living room watching a movie. Hayli fell asleep with her head on Patrice’s shoulder. It was then that Patrice realized that not only was he physically cheating on his wife but he was now emotionally attached to her. “Je t’aime,” he whispered as wrapped his arms around Hayli’s sleeping body in the bed that he shared with his wife.

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